loki del Mar

Avienda Piura #262, Mancora

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loki del Mar


Overview of Hostel

The place for budget travellers to relax, meet people and have plenty of fun in the sun.


Right in the hot spot of Mncora, we are situated on the main street near all the bars and restaurants, and we stretch all the way to the beach, where the main surf break is located.


From Nights People


Loki del Mar is located on the main street through Mncora, which most of the bus terminals are on, and opposite the lighthouse. It is a 5 minute walk, or 1 Sole in a moto taxi towards the southern end of the town..

Located near

Just on the beach :-) The main road, and all bars and restaurants

Conditions & Policy

Credit Cards Accepted

No kids allowed. Loki may request payment in advance to confirm your reservation.